These alphabets are feral and wild

Mr.Guilty : Milord, Why cant i find my poetic afflatus in xkcd ?

Judge : Son, coz its not poetic. You really are a dissapoint.

Mr.Guilty      : I have an alibi, there is an apparent lack of poetic and poets in and around me. My ‘millennial generation’ is no good. I                        find myself going back to baby boomers. I want to drive to woodstock, have a better sexual freedom (may be hippy culture) and rock and roll.

I even know a friend who laments his millenial <damn it has a double ‘l’ and double ‘n’>generation.

Judge : there, there. Correct your english and we can have this discussion. You are having a S.A.D.

T.G : Objection milord, dont cut me off

J : Overruled

At this juncture , Ego, id and superego went whispering loudly.

J : Order, order. Maintain the decorum

T.G. : Why I feel that my writers’ block always fails in quality audit.
There is something missing, and I got to figure it out.
I need to do something today, there is a definite overwhelming somewhere in heart.
These long days and longer nights. The morning dream song on this mind. It happens every day and some day.

Judge : Thats bullshit. When you are writing, how can you come up with ur writer’s block

T.G.    : I meant the quality…

Judge: Nay its absolute thing. Its a binary number, 0 or 1. Have you ever heard someone saying, my writers b. is so big that i can make

lay stone for writers street.

Mr. guilty : Good idea


E, S.e. and id : This is going nowhere. The person is wasting time of court. Cut the crap. We want to be out of here.

Guilty(sings): And when I close these eyes

I watch a high tide, and dark getting wide
The only sound of that fan outside
and this soul inside.

These alphabets are feral and wild
You tame them, You pet them.
But they get lost, whenever you surmise.

All these things that we write, it looks so bright,
I hear some words in my head, I hear some songs in my ears,

Judge : GTFO !!


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  1. shavia

    Really nice one………………. 🙂

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