Udaan + Road,Movie + Tere Bin Laden

Better late than never. 😛
I would say the last two days have been a plesant one for bollywood wrt me. Few years back I totally lost faith in Indian movies for all they could as masala flicks and I was fed up with KJo’s movies where SRK just gurgled on and on. But watching “Udaan” and “Road,movie” has rekindled the lost interest.

And also the joy of seeing movie not on laptop screen, but on a home theater system. 🙂

Starting with the last, Road Movie.
In the beginning it comes around as an another movie of self discovery, but frankly speaking turns out good coming from bollywood.
I set to begin the movie, coz it had Abhay Deol, he has a panache for good movies after Rahul Bose.
The old 1942 dilapidated truck which needs repair every now and then, a urchin who chides Abhay as “driver’ and when he makes face on being served a tasteless chai on roadside dhaba, says “Starbucks samjhe the kya”.
Satish Kaushik comes as a old timer mechanic who doubles up as co driver and only wants to be taken where ‘mela’ is.
And our Abhay shuns his dad cosmetic oil business and wants to do something else. He falls upon an opportunity to deliver a truck, not knowing that it doubled up as a mobile cinema in its own era.The actress tanishitta chatterjee comes in as a pleasant surprise,
Abhay sets on to find  water in gloomy desert and chances upon the local water mafiya, and barters water for two parcels of oil. I think it was the only part where movie lost its appeal, and I thought Gosh, again it slides into the usual drama.Shite.
But thankfully it ended pretty soon and the movie ended, without disheartening me.

Coming across Dev Benegal as a director was the best part and knowing that he directed English August too just added to the party, but now I am hopelessly searching for dvd/torrent of English August.

Now udaan was a tour-de-force. The kind of movie where you slide in first CD back into player, and see the movie again.Its one of those movie which you will sit down on a lazy sunday afternoon and say “Yaar, udaan dekhte hain, God movie hai”
And the soundtrack was great, the music director came with his own riff in this cinema world of cliche.

The movie has a late-teenage boy, who suddenly finds himself forced to with his father whom he hasnt seen in eight years. With the vivid backdrop of Jamshedpur, Rohan comes back to his hometown after being kicked out from a boarding school, for cuaght blue handed watching late night blue film. His father, a strict martinet, devoid of pathos and insists on calling himself not as a dad, but as a sir. Rohan who wants to attend college in arts and literature is instead forced to attend an engineering classes. He doubles up as a worker in his father’s steel factory. But you cant curb the writer within, he bunks college and finds his afflatus on river bank, on railway track and on top of water tank.
The movie also effortlessly portrays the beautiful relationship with his younger step brother, how it starts on unwanted and at the end Rohan takes his brother out of the “zoo his father runs”.

The film has its moment, and quite a handful of them. When Rohan recites his poem “Jootay kahan utare the”, when he fights with his father and laments his cold behaviour towards his son. Him splurging his anger on his dad’s car, smashing its glass and window to nothing. The best one comes when he punches his father, and runs his father at its heels. His hand turned in runner mode, he in full sprint. And that smirk of triumph when he fails his dad.

Coming from Anurag Kashyap camp the film lives to the preset expectation and delivers a knock out. Kudos to director Vikramaditya Motwane. Amit Trivedi has delivered well on an experimental album. He composed some tracks of abhijeet sawant’s Junoon . In  conventional cinema Amit Trivedi started his meteoric rise with soft jingle of Aamir and continued DevD, Wake Up Sid and Aisha.

Now ofcourse Tere bin laden didnt had the class and background cast as rich as above two, yet it stands in its very own genre. As Nikhat Kazmi sais, “a complete laugh riot”. And yes it was a complete laugh riot, with tight script and crisp editing. The film did make me laugh like anything, where I got uneasy glances from my mom, “wat the hell is wrong with this boy”.

The movie was a satire on events created eversince Osama Bin laden came into media. A wannabe uncle sam bakht wants dearly to go to amerika, but his dream is shattered. Unflinching he devices a plan that will make his saying come true “One day whole of amerikaa will run after me”. And yes it did, but in between was the heart of movie. They made osama-look-alike come on camera, and this started a chain reaction like a proverbial flapping of butterfly in one corner causing tornados.

The film cast tried various locations to make the location look like Karachi. Ofcourse the film was banned in Pakistan.
Music was knacking with the trio Shankar-ehsaan-loy at work, though not at theirs best. Special mention to Ullu da pattha
All said and written worth every minute, where you come out of hall happy and gay(sans section 377)

-Once again bollywood aficionado


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