Day 25: A Minar @ mehrauli

@RK Puram, New Delhi

Dillidarshan, one down. Thanks teenage philosopher!After all these years of moving around in capital, it never chanced upon me to see the other side of Delhi, the splendor of Mughals, the aura of capital of India since centuries.Strange eh?

QutubMinar. I think I loved the remnants around the site,Archaelogical survey of India has done a darn good job.The site was both enthralling yetfamiliar. It was warm and sunny and happy, as Liam puts in his lyrics.  A nice location to read and write, when you get saturated with words, gaze around, gulp from the history, remember how it used to happen in old arcane days.

A hint of urdu engravings adds to the charm, in its rich calligraphic form. It sure is work of art

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