Day 30 : Mission accomplished.

@AssiGhat, Varanasi

So last day of year was pretty much happening. We guys from school met over @ Assi Ghat after , hmmm , 8 long years in a group. It was all fun and frolic. Reliving the old school days, and what better place then ghats of Ganges, and some darn awesome food and apple pie.

Rishi bought few books, ‘When we were orphans’ by Kazuo Ishiguro and he bought few Haruki Murakami. This harmony book stall is pretty rich and diverse in collection. And there was a firang lady, she was dressed impeccably in indian traditionals and spoke immaculate hindi. She was sweet and literature savvy, one cant ask for more. Well read she was, having read all of Murakami, Rushdie and Ishiguros. You know better what I am thinking.So two done from seven books by Ishiguro. Ulysses thou wait thy reader.

BTW test of compatibility level 1. “ChetanBhagat is an awesome writer naa?”

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