It was a pleasant surprise. The life was rushing through fast paced with no respite, there were corporate start-up deadlines, customer meetings, overseas trip, jet-lag, body-clock revolting with insomnia and amidst all this I chanced upon the fb post by Prof Taleb, and lets just say it was too…black swanish…to be true. He was planning an informal meeting over coffee, and that to in NUS.

I used the old management trick of delegating,  and took off with a colleague. There was already a small crowd at the Italian joint sprawled around Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
– lets talk about ideas

This was going to be fun !! There were folks discussing his new book anti-fragile, trading and losses, working out, diabetes,  brilliant academics and seemingly brilliant but stupid academics.

Non-profit organisations
– non profits are tricky, for a profitable organisation at least everyone knows that this chap wants to make profit, but non profit…Non profit idea is you feel good, but real non profit organisations are banks


-Heuristics are important. Simple heuristics will be able to answer most of the questions,
When someone gets married, guy has to buy diamond. Its not because lady likes diamonds, but then buying diamond is like commiting. Its like company building offices in a region , its kind of saying we are here to stay

Speciality and diabetes

Male lion does nothing, but kills other lion and female lion is one doing hunting, also small lion hunt. Its about your specialty.
You overeat, then made to under eat, then eat frequently.
Diabetes – every overweight person is said to be diabetes, not every but largely. Usually we know that overweight causes diabetes. You go to Siberia, loose weight, and you still have diabetes. You gotta challenge the premise every time.

Programming –
Some people can connect dots,whole idea of thinking outside the box is crap. Its probably some management professor propagation. Mgmt prof are just mgmt prof, so they can teach nothing but what has been made up by other prof, and add onto it, which is not very good.

Academia –
you are judged by number of publications you have, no matter how bullshit it is. Any field insiders know what is bullshit, and there are many who dont deserve the plaudits they are bestowed it.

This was only the tip of teh iceberg, and now since am already reading the book Antifragile, so you all gotta wait for it to be finished and then we can say that this post will be complete. Until then…


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