Burning eyes

      not so comfortable forehead

            Alternative Grammies.

Pinstriped woollen arms

      Shiny golden pens

            And tunnel vision focus


Hauntings, of peacocks

      Faint strong feeling

            around the knuckles.


Counting days

      to the spiritual milestones

            to Sufism and Ajmer.


Blue scarf covering naked legs

      lost tinkle of tambourine

            Republic strums of guitar.


Peeping through wooden planks

      below, water thumping

            swaying  to a symphony.


Couldn’t get caffeine

      so late at night

            Jupiter shiny in sky


Defending Joyce, over pratas.

      Ulysses the cat, oxford commas

             Modern weekend vampires.

Bicycle with punctured tyres

      Forlorn, yet independent

            smiling green vines – neighbours


French priestess, evangelising ?

      Chinese red horses, running astray.

            Illuminated and advertised.


Momentarily lost in Kandahar, street

      Lying awake in arabian nights

            Hookah smokes intoxicating


Russian vodka shots

      Icy margaritas, like fruit punches

            Shining LED. Dancing in unison


sailing on the couch,

      Noiseless landing, purblind.

            Lost blue flannel shirt .


Half finished bitter ciders

      Better use apple

            for strudels and pies


Wirelessly controlled bulbs

      Singing colours

            like hallucinated chameleons


Faint remembrance

      Fading away

            Sense of an ending


Insomniac check ins

      Running to stand still

            Riding wild horses


Psalm 33:17

      Horse – a vain hope of deliverance

            1984 : Ignorance is strength ?


A carpenter walked on water

      A hermit unaware and innocent

            Faith meeting beside the sea-side


Transparent cube,

      White horse silent and sure

            Storm nowhere at horizon.

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