Night Owling !!

Some day at Singapore. When  they say that the you are a night owl may be they are right. After attending anniversary party, awesome awesome pakodas !!

we go to raffles hall to drink orange juice, how i missed orange juice @ Raffles Hall. Its a rheotoric question, dont answer it. In the meantime relishing bread pakoda one discusses startup ideas,lets say it was a varied mixup of people. People from software industry, wireless industry, PhD from pharmaceuticals and computational biology. Let the ideas get rolling. Computational biology sounds pretty interesting though. Whatever happened to the genome project of Google.

And then you join birthday party of a friend and are greeted by compulsory neat shot of 70% polish brandy. Brandy !! Oh boy. That burn !!

You end up with party going full on, with Punjabi songs blame it on slow buffer speed of NUS. And man you dont use ie on alienware. And after 3-4 neat shots of absolut you are left with tipsy feeling and a will to jot down something.Rush back to toom, leaving noises  in middle on 19th floor. Blame it also on the altercations with hostel authorities.

Oh how I missed writing !!There are still books waiting to be acknowledged, Ishiguro’s and issacson’s.

Fuck I cant even type correctly !! Blame it on shots! I reiterate getting drunk and writing don’t go together.

Listening to Smiths, and spending an hour at gym, and listening to thievery corp Lebanese blonde and thinking of HIG. Ha ha there is a hint for you Abhiroop. I got to have that 10k dollars of startup thing

Now now back @ 3:49 morning

Next day:

No that 3:50 morning didn’t came, I played “jo bhi main” in loop and dozed off. 45 times it played before the laptop cell got discharged.

Ever since I landed in Singapore the days went off in jiffy, and night outs. My last 4 days sleeping time is 3:50, 5:30, nightout,

Jan 5  Thank you mr fog, night out @ MGS

Jan 6  Buds budday. Night Out@KOL

Jan 7  KOL to SGP, Night out@Airport

Jan 8 Jamming till 4:30

Jan 9 Sleep @ 6. Some Insead PhD indian prof, thou art so boring at teaching man. What was the module name? Identifying tech startups or something.

Jan 10 Sherlock Holmes II. Fuck yeah !! Lets run now with swoosh. Screw you ACL injury. Real time system is not bad.

Jan 11 Girl with dragon tattoo. Swedish version seriously better. Disruptive technology I am enamored !

Jan 12 Folks from undergrad college turn over. Surprisingly it was undergrad module.

Jan 13 Starwars I and II . No I am not seeing “Players” I have fond memories of Italian job. No “optimization of wireless system” is undoable. Prof #1 is too not ready to teach linear programming. Scrabble \m/

Jan 14 Biz plan + 4 security guards. Night out

Jan 15 5:30 morning, fuck blocked nose

Jan 16 Gym. Hoo haa !! B’day party…3:50

Jan 17 writing this blog-post

I guess this semester will also blow off in similar manner. Thoughts come in jitter. It is still some time before you reminiscence old days. Stop this mood now. You have some eight books from the library. Lets forget hacking and linux stuff, man you have 3 books on Joyce, what else can you ask for. Joycian!! Rishiraj u jelly ?

Jhak maar ke !! 🙂

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