I still haven’t found what I am looking for….

Here this  is to my fav. single

They say one day you’ll find what you wanna be, but this song has forever eluded me….the lyrics alway kind of challenge my notion of what I have found, they encourage into new unknown territory, there are still battles to won and something to write and many thing to experience.

Quoting straight from Niall Stokes, “U2 into the heart”   “The bass drum of some thumping dance track was whacking away next door, and the hubbub of party voices reigned all round – and yet I’ll swear that I could hum the song next day. It was that catchy. From the start Bono knew that he was onto a winner.”

PS(@Rishi): I really shud hav used Joshua tree cover


  1. Bono on Bono….Michika Assayas
  2. U2-into the heart  Niall Stokes

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