Day 15: Railroads and Atlas shrugged

There can be worst thing than waking up mid-sleep at 3:35 in morning, and writing this. Guess the body wasn’t too happy of temperature changes, from 18.8 C of Varanasi to 32 C of Mumbai. Mr. nose complained, and retorted to subtle means of cold.

Yet eyes are heavy and droopy, thankfully I caught my best mates online, and it’s a joy catching souls at this hour, atleast that justifies and gives some brownie points to waking up mid sleep. Damn you dear nose !!

And yes I finished Atlas shrugged, proud ++

And it had one of the best speech on philosophy I ever read, (granted that I never read philosophy. Might be my first ). Day 5: unfinished novels,

The best part was I finished it while undertaking this cross country ride on railroad, and what better time to read Dagny Taggart, John Galt

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