We all are lucky

I was blessed to see my childhood inspiration in person.

Though the above words are very simple, but thats the way it was. I had been into music since I was 13-14, but serious collection began with the likes of Lucky Ali. The mesmerization continued with the gift of sony walkman.

I had each and every album of him, just like vinyl records I prided myself in the audio cassettes. Arranging them like a jenza blocks. Little did I know that at 24 years into this life I will catch his glimpse. And I was complacent enough to hear him sing, but God had better plans. I was enthralled to shake hands and get a pic. The pic came out blurred, like real but surreal. (thanks folks at notting hill for the phrase)

Wanted to write more…but guess the music in my room (from Snow Patrol) beats me.

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