Tweets of a coffee ninja

I think I have been updating about how the caffeine is the new addiction for me.  (Caffeine addict )

These days I have been in coffee ninja training, and I have already accumulated a formidable collection in my quiver. I have now access to premium espressos, lungos and ristrettos. I have already started day dreaming about my life as a barista. Last year when I applied to starbucks, they rejected my application. (may be they didnt expected electrical engineer brewing coffee !), but now I can see some light on the distant horizon. Coffee Ninja !!

Other than having premium espressos I also have access to “kopi luwak”. Yeah it is one of the costliest coffee in world, sells at $60/cup or some 700 bucks a kg. But one has to taste it to get its flavor. Its splendid !

And since I just discovered how to embed tweets in wp…


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