F***ers , its already 6:40,I waz waking up u all arse since 5:40”.
I thought is it dream AD delivering another set of well delivered expletives.

“Holy cow! The race was to start at 7:15”.No it was not a dream, we have overshoot the reporting time by 25 mins.
“F***, f***”, thus I started my day on Sunday the 24 with mouthful & earful of expletives.
Dats why hate sleeping in AC, it’s impossible to wake up, dat 2 after mere 3 hours of sleep.

“What do now?” Sid murmured still in no mood to wake up, he is one big lazy bum, but second to Ashr of course.
Ashr was still under the covers, unobvious or acting unobvious of the commotion., or maybe composing poems, which was his ultimate skill.
The guy was a class-poet, and that to in hindi. Made him double-good.

“Move ur asses, bastards! U’ll take another 20 mins to get ready. Damn !
we are screwed.”.
I pondered what to do now with a 10000 bucks 21gears, disc break prodigal-bike I bought a day before.
And then there were another 5 t-shirts of my so called start-up, “Dinosaurs didn’t blog, Do u?” I thought of changing title to ‘Dinosaurs did overslept, & u??’

We three, me AD n Sid rushed to PG. Now where is Ravs, I called him to be greeted by another set of benarasi expletives, “Salaay, I woke up at 5:30, aur tum chutiye fone hi nahi utha rahe the. Here at OMR cyclist are already racing. What do now?”
I assured him we will make it by 7:15 to anna university, and resurrected my dying heart with ‘all iz well’ stance.
It worked.

Sid wont u come out?
“It’s not coming out, how will I?” he shouted back from loo.
Usual shite wid him. “This mouth wash is pretty strong”, the glisterine was biting.

AD waz ready wid his “Where do u stay” tee, and brown shorts, and his precious sony mp3. He looked 72% as a page3 celebrity, going for cycling marathon

Sid rushed away on 21gear-disc brakes thing. (we’ll call it 21G now onwards). AD vroomed the Honda engine and jolted towards Ashr home.

“How the heck can some1 do cycling wearing a jeans?”, came another cussing from the virtuoso on Sid.
We picked Ashr in hurry. Meanwhile Ravs precious buy, his 5.5K Adreno had stalled once more, and he was waiting at OMR, maruti showroom.
We rushed at 80kmph, with me getting churned between AD’s plump fat and Ashr plump belly.

There was red signal ahead.
“Keep going, keep going!” If the thulla catches us, tripling on other states bike, with no license & NOC, he will send us to some LTTE jail”.

AD by now dexterous with the bike, swerved is right across the massive state transport bus, the bus halting with loud screech. We jumped 2 more signals, beating all Annas to reach Anna University.

Ravs in his traditional red half-pants has parked his now-useless-Adrenaline less-Adreno bike right on side of highway inviting the zooming vehicles to have a munch on it.

Sid is at horizon, driving 21G at fullspeed.

Me clicking pics of random cyclists, after all I am the official blogger to the event.

We shove in the 21G in an auto, struggle with auto-anna to come to decent 100/-.

We are at venue, with 4 BSA cycles, and my lovely green 21G.

“We are gonna kick some ass! Yeah.”, of course dats AD

“Dude, did u check dat chick in minis. She is hot!”
Where? Where?
“At that counter.”
She indeed was sexy with a figure resembling megan’s (nay..not Megan. Take it as a hyperbole). But she had a cute lovely face. And was a pure treat to eyes.
The red manU tee added another 4 degrees to soaring mercury.

“Gosh! Where they get these hot chicks in Chennai, must be importing dem from Bangalore.”

We are kicking ass on our cycles. The IITM flyover is tough to climb, but it was all soaring wind and gliding on asphalt.
I was feeling a little bit of Armstrong in me.
Ha ha! The narcissist.

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