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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, he woke up early and there was a missed call from his old founder’s institute friend, he asked him to come over for a hike across MacRithchie reservoir . Well, he was up for anything that involved hiking and running.
His nike running app had said 999.1 Km, he was 900 mts away from completing his 1000 kilometres.

One thousand kilometres is a lot , isn’t it ? Exactly thats what he thought too.Even he did not remembered when he started liking running, he started off as a mere 1-2 km jog around in NUS(National University Of Singapore) – his postgraduate university, and then before he knew he was clocking 5kms, 10 kms. And then he started pushing for 15kms, that was like one round of the pet macritchie grounds to and from from his house. One round of macritchie was 11.5kms. And like that suddenly he started running more frequently like twice or thrice a week , and then adding a long run over the weekend. He bought a north face hydration bag , and as an ode promised himself to get 13 miles under his shoes, and so he finished 21.5 kilometres. The fabled half marathon distance.
Seeing his data he started running in January 2013 , it was 3 years of running now.

2013 = 167.9 kms
2014 = 174.9 kms
2015 = 618.2 kms

As one can see Year 2015 was a real deal breaker, he clocked 5 half marathons and a marathon.Initially around February , it was preparing to climb kota kinabalu, and then trying to get 42kms in a week, for Kilimanjaro trek preparation .

Running gave him wings, when he was sprinting he could hear wind gushing across his ears, on his face, his feets in air, his mind focussed. It was his moksha from all things worldly, his 9 to 5 job laziness, that was when he raced ahead his old demons of breakup and complacence and mediocrity.  And when he was not sprinting, it was slow rhythm, the pleasant pace , slow right then left, easy breathing , mind numb, it was like getting in the zone. Probably that was the point when someone gets a runner’s high. Those endorphins start kicking in and you have this elation, this sense of wonder and wander too.

He soon realised that running on tracks gave best PB (personal best) timings. So he started getting crazy with 5k-10k sprints, and although it was not close to world record or something, it was better than his old self.

Around november last year he got inspired by his brother in law coming to run half marathon from Philippines, he signed up for his first marathon running. It was like butterflies in stomach again, that anxiety, that nervousness. Why the fuck did I signed up for this ? Forty two kilometres is a lot if you think about it, and that too within 8 hours.

Only way to face your fear , is may be prepare for it. So in went from hundred bucks for those compression socks, Garmin GPS watch, some more lighter runs. long excel sheets of logging in runs based on weeks and months. Sleeping early so as to get in waking before five rhythm.

And race day came and he conquered it.

And today after two months, he was sitting on couch, netflixing and thinking this is the good time to get this running blog up, for the sake of that 1000kms.

May be now that he had written, he would not be googling things like “why run ” or “why run marathon ” or “top 10 reasons to run “.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.06.08 pm

Since he now moved to data and his engineering faculties have kicked in and overpowered the writer, Garmin has a quite impressive data crunching in its small watch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.14.43 pm



 It was a pleasant surprise. The life was rushing through fast paced with no respite, there were corporate start-up deadlines, customer meetings, overseas trip, jet-lag, body-clock revolting with insomnia and amidst all this I chanced upon the fb post by Prof Taleb, and lets just say it was too…black swanish…to be true. He was planning an informal meeting over coffee, and that to in NUS.

I used the old management trick of delegating,  and took off with a colleague. There was already a small crowd at the Italian joint sprawled around Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
– lets talk about ideas

This was going to be fun !! There were folks discussing his new book anti-fragile, trading and losses, working out, diabetes,  brilliant academics and seemingly brilliant but stupid academics.

Non-profit organisations
– non profits are tricky, for a profitable organisation at least everyone knows that this chap wants to make profit, but non profit…Non profit idea is you feel good, but real non profit organisations are banks


-Heuristics are important. Simple heuristics will be able to answer most of the questions,
When someone gets married, guy has to buy diamond. Its not because lady likes diamonds, but then buying diamond is like commiting. Its like company building offices in a region , its kind of saying we are here to stay

Speciality and diabetes

Male lion does nothing, but kills other lion and female lion is one doing hunting, also small lion hunt. Its about your specialty.
You overeat, then made to under eat, then eat frequently.
Diabetes – every overweight person is said to be diabetes, not every but largely. Usually we know that overweight causes diabetes. You go to Siberia, loose weight, and you still have diabetes. You gotta challenge the premise every time.

Programming –
Some people can connect dots,whole idea of thinking outside the box is crap. Its probably some management professor propagation. Mgmt prof are just mgmt prof, so they can teach nothing but what has been made up by other prof, and add onto it, which is not very good.

Academia –
you are judged by number of publications you have, no matter how bullshit it is. Any field insiders know what is bullshit, and there are many who dont deserve the plaudits they are bestowed it.

This was only the tip of teh iceberg, and now since am already reading the book Antifragile, so you all gotta wait for it to be finished and then we can say that this post will be complete. Until then…


Tyranny has a witness !!

Tyranny has a witnessWhile I was passing through Arab street, I caught upon this sticker on a mobike. It was captivating enough, for my iPhone to come out and ‘click’. Little did I know it would turn out to be Mr. Shephard Fairey creation.

So here is desc., http://www.obeygiant.com/prints/tyranny-has-a-witness

I believe in using my art to advocate for human rights, so working with Human Rights Watch to further their goals is an honor and ideal collaboration for me. I’m very excited about this image because I feel it promotes the idea that a few courageous people can stand up for what they think is right, and soon others will join them. There is power in every small action and cumulative power in numbers. “TYRANNY HAS A WITNESS” showcases the hope and determination needed to fight injustice and oppression.  – Shepard

“TYRANNY HAS A WITNESS” captures the spirit of the ‘Arab Spring’ and pays homage to people across the Middle East and North Africa who are engaged in a historic movement to end repressive rule by declaring their right to political freedom and accountable government.  Human Rights Watch’s long-standing presence in these regions has enabled the organization to report from inside the uprisings, capturing the tension and elation of citizens committed to challenging these oppressive regimes.  This artwork symbolizes the determination and vigilance necessary to bring about deep-rooted change.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Human Rights Watch organization.

And also which reminds me of an article where I covered Shepard Fairey


  • He Los Angeles based street artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur.

  • The artist shot to international fame with the presidential election campaign in 2008, specifically his iconic Obama “hope” poster, and has been making waves ever since, even on the shores of Singapore.

  • He is called today’s best known and most influential street artist.

  • Fairey created “Andre the giant has a posse” sticker campaign in back in 1989, when he was student at Rhode Island School of design

  • Fairey screen prints deploy standard palette of acrid red, yellowish white and black, giving the representative signature to his art.
  • The Obey Campaign can be called explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. The first aim of Phenomenology is to reawaken a sense of wonder about one’s environment. The OBEY campaign attempts to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question both the campaign and their relationship with their surroundings.

  • He has designed album covers for the black eyed peas, Smashing pumpkins and led zeppelin.

  • His clients include likes of Pepsi, Mozilla, Netscape

  • Recently Fairey launched obey clothing line, which sells his art on tees and accessories. You can get one at OBEY Tangs Playlab Orchard,OBEY Tangs Vivo city, Sup Clothing 34 Haji Lane

Shephard Fairey

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