Anti-Heisenberg Principle of mind 🤔

While meditating yesterday, I came to a realization which I will call as anti-Heisenberg Principle of Meditation.

While you are meditating, your mind will be playing tricks with you. Probably you will end up rummaging through your memories or your diurnal activities. Most of the meditation techniques that I know about, ask you to focus on your breathing since it is the easiest universal thing for anyone.

I realized the moment you start focussing on your mind, observing it as an outsider, observing it’s monkey chatter is going in there, it becomes still and placed. Like mimosa (touch me not). Hence the name anti-Heisenberg, for as per Heisenberg Principle, the moment you try to measure the mass or velocity of moving particle, you have disturbed the particle by observing it. But in our case (or maybe in my case), the moment you observe the mind, it stops all the chatter and becomes calm and reposed.

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