Day 14 : Magnetic resonance and squash

Ok I am travelling across India, after almost a year. Yeah my relative why not flight, oh enough of flights I want to travel on train + read novels.

Oh btw moving onto journey part later, MRI scan. It was 5 CR machine, best technology can offer these days, better than xray and ultrasound. The magnetic resonance imaging as it is called is based on magnetic rays, and is used to view soft tissue. The scientist who discovered it I think got noble prize for medicine. Well it was an enclosed sound proof chamber and I was admitted into circular doughnut shaped with some apparatus on my left knee, and then it was various modes of machines taking images based on different protocols. Anyways as expected it was ACL injury, so a month of rest before I move onto playing again, joy of playing squash, cycling and running on tracks.

Day 11: This idiot box is really gonna remain an idiot

And I am very excited about the MRI scan of my left knee. Man, hardcore technical stuffs. Magnetic resonance imaging…uber !!

Lets see. Apparently in xray one cant see ligaments, “Curie why u no see ligaments” and since my left knee is a case of ligament fracture some two years back. I think the injury resurfaced after bouts of squash and football in last seven months. Bloody hell !!

Anyways lets see they are showing big boss on tv.<I am watching tvitneaaraam se, after I don’t know, may be year > Talk of benefits of staying at home in India, where is Sunny darling. Yeah here she is, man nothing interesting here, I am bored after mere five minutes.  Only good thing is when they announce day and time“

pasanthva din saatbaje”. And yes big boss logo reminds me 1983

+ Imran Khan coming with Vodafone ads, this guy should really come up more often. When I am making my Bollywood movie, he is my definitive choice.

What the f***, what is Andrew Symonds doing out here

Rajkapoor would have made smart James Bond, atleast in looks. I got to see his movies other than “meranaam joker”

This idiot box is really gonna remain idiot.

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