C’est La vie!

I was drowning once into the sea,
even a caffeine overdose could not lift me up.

At the end of a lighted labyrinth, I found him.
Donning a white tuxedo, He sat easy on a easy chair

He sipped his tea and added casually with a smile
“In this land supreme, every one comes with a dream”

I asked, “Are you evil?”,
He said , “did you ever questioned your devil?”

“Save the wordplay…
And your world play.”

Did you ever tried to break his chains,
or help him when he did fire heist?

You should have shared his weight,
You quoted, ‘For every man shall bear his own burden.’

Did you chide when he soared high

To melt with the sun bright.

Thou should have thrown some light
when knight became dark?

Did you stopped the fifth prefect
and a ‘ kiss for thirty silver pieces’ ?

Why did a vulture lost his wings
to die in his beloved king’s arm?

And he who was the eldest, strongest and noblest.
Died bcos he lived unto his word.

Where were you all these times?
Enjoying the ethereal drink of yours?

He sipped another sip,
And all he said was “c’est la vie!” .

(have tried to capture the undue fall of heroes, so readers will find reference to Prometheus, Atlas, Icarus, Bruce Wayne, Jesus, Jataayu and Karna. The first paras happened in lucid state )

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