Hamlet at Assi Ghat “यह India में कुछ भी हो सकता है . ससुर एक हड्डी ले बैठ गए , जनता तमाशा देखने आ गयी ”

It was a lazy day starting early morning at 10:45 AM, I reclined on winter sun on the swing and like a septuagenarian was reading newspaper with lukewarm tea. And then it happened,

“wtf! Hamlet on Assi Ghat. You got to be kidding me. But there  it was, as it usually happens in La Kashi bunch of firangs always start doing strange stuffs here.”

But yeah it reminded me of my days in South, when I would rush to any theatre performance so within minutes I was hustling to Assi Ghat. It turned out that they were doing a mime on Hamlet and posed 24hours non stop with a human skull(OMG)

So here I was on assi ghat, and one benarasi at chai commented

“यह  India में  कुछ  भी  हो  सकता  है . ससुर  एक  हड्डी  ले  बैठ  गए , जनता  तमाशा  देखने  आ  गयी ”

(In India anything is possible, bloody sat with a skull and people are flocking around.)

I would leave the rest as picture blog.But all said it was sweet but still couldnt stop humming song lyrics of Indian Ocean ” देश मेरा रंगरेज़ रे  बाबु”


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