Let me be free, coz’ am meant to be free!

Brown horizon is dark minus the light
Only radium glitters, when the dark is darkest
Swaying softly with the saturated remembrance
Is it really strange?
‘coz those memories never got estranged
Butterflies flutter in the stomach, is there still flower within?
Or so I thought….

Cold is the white bed sheet and warm feels the quilt
In cold cold nights as these…
When the clock strikes midnight and dogs howl at the warm full moon
Why I miss it again and again?
Is the love still inside?
Or so I thought…..

Few were the hours that went without ticking
In deepest of emotions a feeling echoed
Reverberating in a caged heart, in times ungodly.
A pang of disbelief caught me dry
with question mark on my ways
Did the seed grew inside sans love?
Or so I thought….

Sometimes I lament those days
Other times I want to relive days when innocent hearts & free feeling reigned.
Now I clean the dust of this world
and then heart glistens and sparkles, And its grandeur is restored
But alas a dawn of reality engulfs strengthening the shackles
Gosh! I am trapped againĀ  in this dusty fog.
A blurred vision, something inside is sinking
Is that the weight of past?
Or so I thought………..

It springs on its way up and up
Shuns the worldly shame in a feeling unworldly
Douses the temperature.
Erases the question marks
And so it said
“Let me be free, coz’ am meant to be free!”

-In train , N.India.

circa Dec 2010

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