Dear Bangkok, although it was just three night stand with you , yet I fell in love with you. Until I am back to you…

Day 0 : Sinagapore to Bangkok

The best fridays are the ones when you know you are flying of to a another country. Despite the usual immense workload, we all managed to get through the last weekday, and with FTW  in bold , the backpackers at Changi.  It was 2200 flight, I was looking for distraction, it was still too early to take “India Unbound” out. Changi never fails me, the new distraction was  – a symphony of tropical raindrops.

Well after long 3 hrs Bangkok greeted us. We hovered above the city for like 20 minutes, and man it looked amazing from ‘such great heights‘.  It looked like a metropolitan anatomy laid bare. There were veins glowing with yellow and white lights, with intermittent patches of darkness. Tourist-anatomist in me was delighted to know that he would be trudging these arterial roads and street soon.

Day 1

One simply does not skip the breakfast buffet at any tourist trip. It was sumptuous, aligning with the old saying  ‘…eat like a king’.

Being a group of seven, we hired the big mercedes mini van, and launched our journey to outskirts of Bangkok. To – Damnoen Saduak floating market. Riding around the bit dirty canals in a boat,  with hot humid weather did not deter our excitement. The hustle and bustle, the traffic, the shop owners haggling for their goods, it was a modern art of canvas with rainbow of colors.

While other were in tourist/photographer mode, seeing the Bangkok cuisine unfolding in front of  my pallet , I inadvertently went into foodie mode. (and still managed sans bangkok-belly 😉

Anticlockwise, Fruit seller,Sticky rice with mango,sweet coconut,Psidium guajava, best Guava I ever had,Making of som-tam,Som tam (green papaya salad).

And since I lost appetite for words so let the pics do the writing. 🙂


At tiger temple


View from Bridge over river Kwai


Day 2 :

Royal Palace, Bangkok


I continued the rendezvous with Bangkok’s street food. It was a utter delight to both eyes and taste buds.

Here chicken pad thai (thai noodles), various fruit juices , bbq banana and cha-yen (thai iced tea)

And last but not the least, , leaving Thailand sans thai massage would have been crie. consequently a bone crushing ‘wat-pho’ massage.


Yes , a caffeine addict ! (PS: some korean cuisine)

Ok I am officially a caffeine addict now. And it is today that I realised how much my friends crave for that puff of cigarettes. It was 9 hours since I did not have caffeine in my bloodstream, and man was I crazy ? Yes. Was I inconsolable? yes. So finally after being turned down from koufu, I got my dose at Ya kun. God bless !!

The comics says it all,

And as I gulped dark dark coffee, inhaled the signature aroma, I think it was THE thing. And now sitting comfortably on couch, some symphony in background and doing wat I like most- writing. Funny that symphonies always remind me of tom and jerry.

<After some time>

I have been wondering why there isnt a single post on cuisine, me being a mildly epicurean. So here it is, since the dinner was korean, so here it is.

‘Kimchi bokkeumbap bob’ <veg fried rice with kimchi – a traditional fermented  korean dish made with vegetables>

So this was fried rice with kimchi and ikan bilis (which is fried fish ! Nay not for me)

And opposite to me Avinash took  fried chicken BBQ , <cud not help posting this awesome pic >

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