Day 28: “Ad pulchitudinem tria requiruntur integritas, consonantia, claritas”

@B-14, Varanasi.

New year is around the corner. One more day to go.  But if I say it frankly, changing of dates has never encited me. Especially all the associated hoo-haa with it, defeats me everytime. The world going beserk, the crazy parties, more like a forced entertainment. Nay do not yield to this force. Ilegtimiti-non-carborundum.

Now that I have started playing scrabble, I really should store the words with q,z,x and w. I obtained another Ayn Rand’s magnificence- Fountain head. And thanks to Knight, biography of Steve Jobs by Waterson. Believe me it is as thick as a stump of tree. It shows 3:02 AM at digital clock below, and 12:40ish on the analog wall clock. What is the deal with this world time. I still do not understand.

While I was driving scooter to Rishi’s palce, in a parallel world some guy was riding an Italian scooter, probably white with hint of blue in Italy. I should really go to Italy. May be it is time to apply for PhD @ ETH. And euro-tour is done. Amen !

Coming back to joy of reading, there is a certain pleasure in reading classics, the joy of raw writing, the intertwined piece of beauty in the alphabets. They don’t write like that anymore. Its beauty, sheer beauty.

As Joyce paraphrased,

“Ad pulchitudinem tria requiruntur integritas, consonantia, claritas”…Aquinas

Three things are needed for beauty, wholeness, harmony and radiance.

1)   Wholeness aka integritas:

the quality of writing, It is a world of its own, it has a certain flavor, a certain charm, a certain manner. Each pertaining to its writer.Its like the verses have a solu of their own.

2) Harmony aka consonantia:

A piece of writing is suppose to bring out the time, the feeling, the truth of the era in which it was written. It is in harmony with the space and time.

3)  Radiance aka claritas

Now radiance is kind of vague, but it is the feeling of ‘whatness of the thing’- the quiddatas. When the heart feels about the art, and is left enchanted with it. Like the mine was enchanted by the “A portrait of the artist as a young man”.

Book-tender, Pour in  more Joyce for me please !!

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