Feline nocturne🐱

Every time he crossed neighbor’s threshold, there was this old cat lying there supine, half asleep, half awake. Dozing in and out of this world and cat’s dream world. Seeing her asleep cozily on her smooth mat, bought a certain calm and quietude to his heart. And three little ceramic ducks, led by the duck with a broken beak were the constant in cat’s life, like the Trinity guarding her.

Sometime when he woke up at wee hours of the morning, the cat would be up, for she was a diurnal sleeper and a nocturnal creature. She would calmly cry, probably for the food or making conversation with the ceramic ducks. The one with broken beak always had the best stories of its adventure, one time when he swam across Malacca straits, and another time when he got into a fight with monitor lizard at Pulau Bin. They never grew tired of these repetitive stories. And when the cat cried at those hours, it was joined by a background band of chirping crickets, and together they tried to wove a sad opera, lamenting love lost together. Chopin would have felt challenged probably?

Schrodinger cat; stupid haikus

Dude, this is becoming your journal. Wtf !! I swear man.

The protagonist goes on with his ways of procrastination and complacence.

Now what is wrong with girls these days. No nothing in particular. But this one in question was in lecture auditorium, and may be out of boredom or his bf next to him wasn’t entertaining her enough, she took out comb and started pruning her hair. Oh man !!

In general though these undergrads are funny bunch. We are to submit attendance through a sms system, and man they submit mast-mast text.

A few

1)    What is this life about?

2)    Sleepy

3)    Elephants are cool

4)    Schrodinger cat is alive

5)    (.)  <wats dis…half boob??>

Kudos to prof. though.

And I am on with Helvetica, <oh boy !! don’t make this blog a journal K> I should really go and drink some water, this thirst is becoming unbearable. Blame it on internet addiction. Water somebody plz.



Chilly me, hungry me

“More of POP3”, no more plz

Lecture over, me gusta

Really? Haiku is it??

KIGO is season word = Chilly

KIREJI : cutting word, as wiki says 1 can use punctuations in english haiku.

5-7-5 syllabic structure.



Song melodic, water drops

Running in circle, are we?

sleeping soul under sleepy eyes.

<5-7-5; Kigo = water-drops; kireji=are we?>



Sugary ice-cream, misty winds.

Low on currency, can’t call back.

Empty emptiness, is good.                   <nope nope>

<5-7-5; Kigo = misty winds; kireji=can’t>


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