Day 21: Old ipod + scrabble

@Tilaknagar, Mumbai

So I was to bid good bye to financial capital and say hi to national capital early morning. But thanks to phenomenon called fog and Indian railways, I am stuck for eight more hours.

In the meanwhile I am trying to find a reason behind this, being more of cause person.(read cause and effect phenomenon). Oh phenomenon is mallu. BTW I got hold of my 2008 ipod nano, sleek and grey. I still remember we searched all around Hyderabad to get this piece. It was sad that the apple stores did not kept limited edition red U2 ipod. Listening to my 3.5 years old playlist. So it has slumdog millionaire, Ajab prem ki , Metallica. U2, collective soul, radiohead, coldplay are all gone.

“Badi dheere jali, nainaa…”, I think its Rekha Bharadwaz in Omkara. She is melodious and different.

I was reading through Bradbury’s zen of creative writing. He emphasized on daily writing, no matter what you write you got to write. It is what keeps us writer alive, or we all will be lost in abyss of non-writing world. You sir reaffirmed my belief. I would have loved to go to Khwaja ki dargah @ Ajmer, but alas somehow the plan dissolved. And similarly Haji Ali also is not happening.

This is supposedly blasphemous post. Henry Miller ishtyle.

So while travelling in first class morning, I noticed a particular chick, she was pretty with a sweet cleavage. And for cleavage to work best you glance at it once, and then leave it there, keep the struggle on. You look for too long, and it loses its charm. Cleavages are best served with bit of view, an inch and half. Not too much to give away all, but just a subtle hint of the whole package. Still I think Indians chicks fail miserably at this art, they become so much conscious and aware that looks like a faux-pas. Better learn from west, but as they say when it comes to physical pleasure, kamasutra rules. He haw haw !! case closed. Its getting too corny. May be the tropical afternoon sun and  heat is making me promiscuous . No what is the other word for hot, torrid? Scalding? Nay. Tropical, can. Damn it, there is a Presque-vu moment which will linger. At moments like these I feel so helpless sans online thesaurus. When in doubt,blame it on technology.

Man I still have that scrabble, waiting to be opened. Someone please.

May be I should just go that bookstore in mall and get Norwegian woods, and finish it by the time I reach Delhi. It will cost 20+20+ 400/500 to get the book. There has been a void left by Atlas Shrugged/Remains of the day, and I wonder if Shiva trilogy will be able to fill it. No it wont. Or should I continue watching “Manhattan”, after all this 17 year old girlfriend of Woody Allen is discussing Cormac McCarthy. All the pretty horses, thou all must wait.

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