Day 11: This idiot box is really gonna remain an idiot

And I am very excited about the MRI scan of my left knee. Man, hardcore technical stuffs. Magnetic resonance imaging…uber !!

Lets see. Apparently in xray one cant see ligaments, “Curie why u no see ligaments” and since my left knee is a case of ligament fracture some two years back. I think the injury resurfaced after bouts of squash and football in last seven months. Bloody hell !!

Anyways lets see they are showing big boss on tv.<I am watching tvitneaaraam se, after I don’t know, may be year > Talk of benefits of staying at home in India, where is Sunny darling. Yeah here she is, man nothing interesting here, I am bored after mere five minutes.  Only good thing is when they announce day and time“

pasanthva din saatbaje”. And yes big boss logo reminds me 1983

+ Imran Khan coming with Vodafone ads, this guy should really come up more often. When I am making my Bollywood movie, he is my definitive choice.

What the f***, what is Andrew Symonds doing out here

Rajkapoor would have made smart James Bond, atleast in looks. I got to see his movies other than “meranaam joker”

This idiot box is really gonna remain idiot.

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