no time to stand and stare

As quoted by my prof in class, it was kinda surprising that lines came in “wireless network protocol” lecture…but nonetheless that can not diminish the effect.

Leisure by William Henry Davies

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,

Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can

Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

Let me be free, coz’ am meant to be free!

Brown horizon is dark minus the light
Only radium glitters, when the dark is darkest
Swaying softly with the saturated remembrance
Is it really strange?
‘coz those memories never got estranged
Butterflies flutter in the stomach, is there still flower within?
Or so I thought….

Cold is the white bed sheet and warm feels the quilt
In cold cold nights as these…
When the clock strikes midnight and dogs howl at the warm full moon
Why I miss it again and again?
Is the love still inside?
Or so I thought…..

Few were the hours that went without ticking
In deepest of emotions a feeling echoed
Reverberating in a caged heart, in times ungodly.
A pang of disbelief caught me dry
with question mark on my ways
Did the seed grew inside sans love?
Or so I thought….

Sometimes I lament those days
Other times I want to relive days when innocent hearts & free feeling reigned.
Now I clean the dust of this world
and then heart glistens and sparkles, And its grandeur is restored
But alas a dawn of reality engulfs strengthening the shackles
Gosh! I am trapped again  in this dusty fog.
A blurred vision, something inside is sinking
Is that the weight of past?
Or so I thought………..

It springs on its way up and up
Shuns the worldly shame in a feeling unworldly
Douses the temperature.
Erases the question marks
And so it said
“Let me be free, coz’ am meant to be free!”

-In train , N.India.

circa Dec 2010


Yawning on the train
Eyes peeping from behind the curtains
A damsel in white
Running fingers through her hairs
A darker shade of black that was.

She thought of dancing in the streets
When rain would pour and pour
If she danced for ever
Wouldn’t it be nice?
Humming a tune to herself
Oo-la-la Oo-la-la

She thought of running to standstill
through greens of grass
Under the red sky of white clouds
Beside flowers yellow
Aren’t they colourful?
Whistling a tune to herself

Sitting on a bumpy hillside
flying across the orchard
the sun was shining high
She was smiling to herself
Wasn’t it obvious?
Singing a tune for herself
Ting-ling ting-ling-ting.

26 feb,2010
Mumbai Mail, 1028


गंगा के तट पर नाव चार ।
जाड़े की धूप इस पार उस पार,
आस्था बरकरार, महिमा अपरम्पार ।

धूप में आंवले का अचार ।
सीढ़ीयों पर  कंपकंपाते भिखारी बीमार,
अपनी आग में जलाते इश्तेहार ।

कढाई  से निकलती गरम कचौड़ी ।
रिक्शे वाले की सुबह सुबह तकरार,
चाशनी  सी मीठी है जलेबी ।

चौराहे पर ज्योतिष की दुकान ।
संकट मोचन में बंदरों की भरमार,
सभी सैलानी हैं हैरान परेशान ।

तीन पुरवा गरम गरम चाय ।
विश्वनाथ गली में शुरू होते व्यापार,
यही है काशी का प्यार ।


Photo courtesy : Laurent Goldstein

An Amateur @ haiku

The water burning
bright in the cold sun light.
Face sees familiar

Dust high in the air
horn shattering winter bliss
Wheels move invisible

He moved his pen away
Drip drip of rain demanding
Is this the right way?

कभी तो दरवाज़े खोलो…

कल तक नैनों में आज़ाद एहसास दिखते थे।
कलम में स्याही भी बेबाक बहती थी।
आज नैनों में एहसास धूमिल है,
आजादी की किरण अंधेरों में मद्धिम है।।

दीवाने-ए-आम की बैठक अतिरिक्त, अभिशिप्त रहती है।
दीवाने-ए-ख़ास की देहलीज पर भ्रष्टाचार की कीमत रहती है,
कभी तो ये देहलीज उखाड़ो ?

जो अरमान दिल में था, आज खो गया।
जो इन्कलाब लहू में था, वो भी थम गया।
और वो बेचारी आजादी,
बंद है सलाखों में।।
कभी तो ये सलाखें तोड़ो?

कभी कभी वह रूह,
बंधन तोड़ भागती फिरती है
वीरान गलियारों  में।
किसी परछाई में…अदृश्य स्वाभिमान खोजती है।
बंद खिडकियों के कांच में…टूटे  गुरूर को घूरती है।
वक़्त की खोयी तवारिखे…
जाने किस मकसद को टटोलती है?

आज भी दस्तक देती है…..
कभी तो दरवाज़े खोलो…कभी तो दरवाजे खोलो?

(sumtime around when author was disillusioned

coz’ of CWG fiasco + ayodhya verdict )

We all are lucky

I was blessed to see my childhood inspiration in person.

Though the above words are very simple, but thats the way it was. I had been into music since I was 13-14, but serious collection began with the likes of Lucky Ali. The mesmerization continued with the gift of sony walkman.

I had each and every album of him, just like vinyl records I prided myself in the audio cassettes. Arranging them like a jenza blocks. Little did I know that at 24 years into this life I will catch his glimpse. And I was complacent enough to hear him sing, but God had better plans. I was enthralled to shake hands and get a pic. The pic came out blurred, like real but surreal. (thanks folks at notting hill for the phrase)

Wanted to write more…but guess the music in my room (from Snow Patrol) beats me.

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