For the lack of a better title !

For lack of a better blog title, I present to you 7 different subtitles…

16 September :Happy Cup-Express.Healthy. Tasty

Something was amiss since morning. Even the regular afternoon dose of caffeine could not counteract that feeling. He concentrated hard, and ran through his chronicle for the day, nothing in particular. Contrarily he should be quite happy, getting new books is always satisfying, and that too a book for a buck, that should have made him smug. He looked across the table, to find coffee mug scribed with “Happy Cup- Express.Healthy.Tasty.”, and something, probably same thing scribed in Chinese.

Something was fuzzy and shaky inside. He was torn between in choice of his books, reading ultimate classic Joyce, and then all of a sudden reverting gears to theoretical physics of Feynman. Was that the cause of amiss thing? Probably not. Another sip of iced coffee. Oh didn’t I mention , that in this part of world they served black coffee with ice, which was all good, until your coffee gets over, and all of a sudden you are searching desperately for leftover traces among the ice cubes. Slurrrpp. Nothing…slurrp…slurrp…still nothing. Like a drowning man gasping for air, your brain knows that the content is over, yet your mind wants to get every last trickle of that black caffeine.

17 September: Moviephile?

meaning : A lover of movies

Dude! look at my dvd collections, I’m such a moviephile.

(source UrbanDictionary) Change dvd wid torrent

Now I would have loved to review two brilliant movies that I caught over the weekend, Anurags of our time, Basu’s Barfi and Kashyap’s GOW-2. Yet how different the both films are from one another. Barfi is a romantic movie, with magical execution, amazing cinematography and adept acting. I should have told you that a beautiful cinematography and camera angles biases me, and Barfi has lot to offer with its artistic tone. The alluring, nostalgic beauty of amro Darjeeling, and the rush and art of amar Kolkata. Recently Kolkata has been muse of various movie director. The chase sequence have been executed to perfection. Barfi was spell bounding, and philistines might even find it slow, but who cares.

Coming to GOW2, I waited for eternity for film to release for nri crowd, I wonder translating all those cussing would have taken hell lot of time. Nonetheless the movie was here, in all its entirety and chutzpah.

20 September : Subtleties of human consciousness

It is quite amazing how fast a human mind can think. No? Just try to remember the fast dream sequence you have during those 10 minutes of snooze alarm. The conscious and subconscious will concoct a terrific mix for you. Yet that 7 hours of sleep would not suffice from him, and just for the sake of experimentation he walked off from his morning yoga routine. Truth be told, he was not as chirpy as his yoga days. Consequently his muscles were languid, he was more like a lazy bum, but you know how lazy and at peace goes hand in hand.

The usual running down the subway stairs, two steps at a time, might have came across as precarious to others, but he had practiced it way too long to err. Few customary prerequisites were to be followed though, don’t attempt doing this with a loose footwear. Also best is to try on deserted flight of stairs, else the inertia is too large to push an unsuspecting soul out of the way. Probably both, pushed and pusher, will land stumbling down the stairs.

24 September :Engineer at grand prix

So yeah it was an experience. The buildup for the day was going on from last few days. And when the day arrived, we were ready. It was a hot, humid afternoon in Singapore, the sun was shining, and the humidity was torturing. Yet it could not deter the enthusiasm of the fans. We all were greeted with roaring of Ferrari engines – an ongoing Ferrari championship. It was humbling to see drivers revving their Ferrari engines and I could only imagine what an F1 cars would be like.

And believe me the roar of F1 engine was amazing, and loud really loud, (its anywhere greater than 85dB, which is like 6-7 levels up from conversation noise.) F1 cars are the marvel of engineering, with V8 engines generating a horse power of around 800, with 20,000 rpm. It is amazing, right out of some science fiction.

1 October : Caffeinated Yogi

-Yoga became his new caffeine.

That has been his motto for last 2-3 weeks, early morning yoga was rejuvenating and gone were the days of gulping 300ml of black coffee early morning. Not that he detested drinking coffee, and he had started to miss his daily dose too. But this particular morning was a slow and very slow. The late night sports following, made morning late. His new caffeine did not worked today, as during a particular asana ( he slept off. LOL.

Consequently it would take another 2 hrs to get his senses rolling, based on past records and present conditions.

The sand beneath his feet was cold and wet. He stood there, and let sand take his weight, shifting few cm down, when the wave came – a small one though- it traveled through his feet, and he was transmogrified. The air smelt of salt, the sun was setting, only complain he had of flotilla of cargo ships on the horizon. The country did not provide virgin beaches and unadulterated horizon. One could travel to its neighbours and be amazed by the sheer beauty that nature has bestowed on them.

3 October : Aamro Beatles

Best Beatles song (for me, till now). No I haven’t listened to whole discography 😦

My alibi, you see, I have been saving few bands for later years .

  1. Hey Jude
  2. Lucy in the sky of diamonds
  3. Blackbird
  4. I am the Walrus
  5. A day in the life
  6. Eleanor Rigby
  7. Sgt. Pepper lonely heart club band
  8. With a little help of my friends

PS: I should have added simon & garfunkel , same era naa?

4 October : Pheww

Nokia x2 vs iPhone 5

Welcome to 21st century, son !!

(this will/should be covered on new technical blog I am planning to launch since last few months)

Ode to walkman !!

And then I missed my walkman
when the albums-cover were touched
not scrolled
the click accompanied the cassette
and not the mouse.

when there was a radio
around my head
playing radiohead

Why fast forward
and rewind became obsolete?
yet Jobs did a nice job.

idiotique wasnt idiotic
now each and every1
hail the thieves.

And sometimes you feel the urgency
for that one song which will sooth you,
and bring you back

Shuffling through decades
of rocks and punks,
alternatives and metals
floyds and coldplays

When REM made you insomniac
and blunt became sharp for senses
disorganized collective souls of people around.
when postal service brings you home strangely.

And now they disgust me
so empty and so loud.
the digital demons
of i-age, bold yet cold.


-written some time…overwhelmed wid reminiscences something like….and Travis, The last laugh of laughter bought it back…
As Robert Burns said,

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

and never brought to mind ?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

and auld lang syne ? 

End of days : R.E.M.

“Ohh life is bigger, its bigger than you”

I think those were the days, when it was hot and humid summer, when the moon was low and listening to nightswimming calmed your senses. You literally exhausted the audio cassette (oh the analog days !!) R.E.M. was one of the bands that shaped my teenage ears and years.

The voice of Michael Stipe,As Bono said once, “That voice. It’s an extraordinary voice,” and Peter Buck’s guitar riffs were amazing in its essence, were perfect for growing up to alternative rock.  Humming up the ballads of “man on the moon”, or listening endlessly to “new orleans instrumental”. It is enticing how the music stays with you after all these years, and you reminiscence the times when you were lost in altogether a different world, huggging on to your sony watchman. + growing up in Varanasi and listening to alt rock as REM, made sure you just had 1-2 guys to share your music with, in my case just one. That kinda made listening to REM more exclusive.

But alas, it disheartening to see the REM call it a day, I could have very well written an ode, but then have not been following them these 4-5 years, but then yes they were the base of my music taste and a good platform made by the pioneers of alt rock. Personally I think their retirement was sort of impending. But 31 years, 15 albums. Respect.

Thou will be missed R.E.M. 😐

“See you heaven if you make the list. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

and my fav five…

5) Drive

4) Everybody hurts

3) Losing my religion

2) Nightswimming

1) Man on the moon
PS : Is this the year of retirements, with White Stripes gone in February ,Harry Potter series finished. Steve jobs gone on Aug 24 and now R.E.M. calls it a day. <I better should move to Beibers and Gagas…LOL…not even in my dreams>

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Am too late to get my hands on this album…..but who cares.
Its so much rewarding.
May be it was the lyrical monotonicity of US/UK bands that was getting me , and Phoenix came in just in time to soar me up.

Love like a Sunset
When I first heard it in Coppola’s Somewhere, I did not realized this could be a track of an alternative rock band, and that to a French one of all places.
But yes Sophia has a good taste of music and she never fails to amaze with the OSTs.May be Phoenix were trying to replicate original Wolfgang Amadeus in synthesizers and guitars. And you bet they get it right. The haunting reverberations and percussion starts your music DNA moving. You cant leave the 7:40 length track, its riveting.

Love like a sunset II
It starts at 5:37, and you already wish it was more of it.Yes I knew this was a band and I went onto youtube right after the trailer.Thanks God I did.
Yes those lards at BBC, failed to realise, it meanders huh!


Listening to Listzomania u get hung on lyrics and a re
ally definitive music. I still dont know what does Listzomania means, but ‘not easily offended’. It starts with a definitive riff with drums rolling in, and then comes the awesome lyrics, ‘hard to let it go’
Too late…too late…too late

Starts with synthesiers and elec guitars thrown in together to give that good start….and Thomas Mars joins in.
Calling hey hey hey hey
Its the music that your girlfriend is hung on , as Rolling stone reviewed the album.Mazzalai does a good folding up of the song, just when you thought song was building up .

“Where would you go with a lasso”
Starts with the drumbeats stuck in infinite loop, a bit of Mazzalai’s thrown in.
Interesting adage at the end mixed with electronica.

You cant deny the amazing vocals of Thomas Mars. Its definiitive and undubitable.There is a certain electronic ting and tang in Fences.

PS: Thanksfully I got my winamp as music software and good old days of discovering music…

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