Of living in simulation and AI !

His nose was clogged, and a stream of sweat passed down from his temples, he had been recuperating for 3 weeks now, from those impostor bacteria or virus hosting themselves in his body, and his body calling upon them for illegal trespassing.

The house of cards, was moving along, in its own political glory and an incoming house shifting was due this weekend, along with couple of social calls and a concert with Morrissey. His friends were Morrissey fan, and he kind of became one eventually.

There was this single streak of light, shining through the heavy curtains, which found its own path and illuminated his self.

There were notifications of stock market movings, of whatsapp notifications and he thought to himself what have we done to ourselves with life becoming endless small manoeuvre of clearing notifications , with a short attention span, and clutching over small metal rectangles for most of our waking life. As it was mentioned in simulation argument by University of Maryland, theoretical physicist. Aren’t we already in a simulation ? [1]

And if you come to think of it, it was 2/3 of your waking life delving over world news, keeping up with trends , meeting your friends, judging ones not your friends, and love feelings for your girlfriends, spouses and kids. It was other 1/3 of daily life that intrigued him, when everyone went down to sleep. Thats where all those waking alpha waves, beta waves and delta waves started emitting from your brain cells, and all would dream. It was like a common thread running across everyone’s life. I think neil gaiman was a genius basing his graphic novel on this.[2]

Then there were ones who dreamt of going into space, to mars by 2030, betting on artificial intelligence, thats like that, the amount of stuff that computers did for us and is doing of us is overwhelming. And to imagine in 10-20years as futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts , AI would have a life of their own, what they won’t have is concsciousness.[3]

And in pursuit of this he had been delving in world of machine learning and artificial intelligence for quite a while now. Getting his basics cleared up with all those mathematical algorithms with heavy duty statistics and linear algebra. and trying to find its decent implication on his current project ideas and may be a future company based on it.

You see it is inevitable, he looked back in his iPhone 7, to see what latest notification it held for him, he moved around bit and bought pack of groundnuts to keep him company. Ever since he lost his old iPhone to the fairies in Isle of skye. (https://arunabhmishra.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/the-lazarus-effect/)

Remembering it seemed to be from another world, although it had been a mere 4-5 months, thats how one gets woven in his daily life of ambitions , careers and responsibilities.
He had promised himself to finish off his last two lectures from machine learning class, and in guilt he stopped jotting this down.

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[3] http://futurism.com/images/the-dawn-of-the-singularity/

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More than just engineers !!

That feeling when studying in a developed nation, in between of a case presentation you realize India still is a developing nation. “Marketing team can leverage sales by seeking markets in developing nations like India”. Being the only Indian in the class, I went into a momentous trance. Delving on the statement I questioned, so much time does it take a developing nation to be marked as developed. Hold on, while I wiki. Hmm its a long thing, wiki fails at times like this, when you want the exact info. Mr. Wales improve, improve.

One might also come with a question posing why this brain drain, but I think I covered this part in one of my blog. Talking of NUS, I see lot of research work going on , lot of patents and papers getting published, but yet Singapore is missing on the implementing the technology part. As Prof. Lutz said, “the good thing about MIT is that they come up with new technology and also with a way to use that technology”. Think. He also emphasized on the just the right time for a startup in Singapore, at the same time lamenting the lack of funds in USA. <which I have to substantiate>.

Other day in a previous semester, Prof. Rui was lamenting the lack of true innovators in engineering.

Shannon, Tesla and Nyquist were the true innovators and path breakers. Others are just riding on the wave they created.

And that is why we need people like them, people like Jobs who can disrupt and change. You guys have to become more than just electrical and electronics engineers”

How true !! More than just engineers, Insaah allah ! I see bulk of engineers floundering around in corporates and career fair, and I muse on this. May be a day will come when I will be stuck in some dark corner, or will be floundering around, but today definitely is not that day.

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