Economic impact of 70-90nm virus

Initially I thought about writing about my work from home crib. But I will delve into more serious stuff, so I will skip that part. But this blog is more about the broad economic impact and the links where you can get all the finer details. Last time around 2008 I wrote about then banking crisis

See for yourself, the slides have been taken from CRISIL research [1] 



While this COVID situation was still starting, I got this answer on Quora, thanks to CRISIL’s detailed report.

Below I have attached how following indices have fared in last six months 

  • GOLD
  • India : BSE SENSEX
  • Bitcoin : BTC/USD 
GOLD price
Bitcoin price


It is not a detailed quaterly update by your mutual fund, but if you are interested this one gives a quite good feedback on SE Asia and India’s macroeconomic outlook. 

I have been also following what Raghuram Rajan, has been saying about the COVID-19 impact.



  1. CRISIL report 

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