A 70-90nm virus

In Singapore, it all started in January last week. We started getting reports from China that a mysterious virus is wreaking havoc. The epicenter was a city called Wuhan, which to my surprise had a population of 12 million people.
Sitting in Singapore, and reading through Chinese news sites and Hongkong’s SCMP news, it all felt too bad to be true. There were reports of incoming flights from Wuhan, China, and folks being quarantined for 14 days. A friend of mine from Beijing lamented that she had to be under 14 days quarantine in Beijing, and now another 14days in Singapore. When I discussed this with my family and friends from India, they blamed it as Chinese propaganda and dismissed it. Little did we all know that this would go down as a major event that would change the way we lived and perceived one another. Today after three months, almost all of humanity has been affected by this calamity and now we are seeing level 2 and level 3 effects. In India, the poor are now fighting for food. In Singapore, from a meager 7 cases on Jan 28th to 17,548 cases as of now.

28th Jan : First day of the mask

It was in February when Singapore declared that DORSCON level orange was declared. Traveling daily to work on a crowded MRT was a nightmare for me. Blame it a bit on OCDish behavior, I stopped touching the doorknobs, etc and started having my lunch indoors, which my wife prepared. This pic was on 28th January, when I managed to grab surgical masks at a local fairprice supermarket.


Local supermarket the day DORSCON orange was declared

Things started moving toward getting necessary rations, and food supply diminishing. We promptly collected food supply for a few weeks and ordered reusable masks. In Feb, I felt 2-3 weeks of sore throat and prayed / meditated that it wasn’t COVID. By March first week, I have been working from home. 

Now this Monday, I have been working from home for almost a month now, and concurrently managing MBA applications, thankfully which kept me busy all through Feb-march- April period. Today while reading a short stories book, after giving up on Netflix and  playing assassin creed on XBOX, that I thought of writing this.

En route work in the busy MRT, 16th March 2020

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  1. I believe is not easy for us over the past few months. Congratulations to you, you do even better. From Napoleon Hill, Every Adversity bring with it the Seeds of an Equivalent Benefits. Wish to catch up with you in person after lockdown.

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