May the wind under your wings …

I came across this quote from one of the Instagram pages that Mehak shared. It reminds me that I need to watch LOTR again on Netflix, (since I do not have the book anywhere). Also, the cafe where JRR Tolkien used to write, wasn’t it named after some eagle?  Yes, it was. ‘Eagle and the child’

Without further ado, the quote, ponder on the quote while I will go and grab my Chinese year special breakfast downstairs. My favorite kaya butter and Kopi C, it’s a bit strange that I have stuck to the same breakfast for 6+ years now. Singapore does that to you, you get used to things, and things will not change drastically. Probably if there was a site like Moody’s which can rate country based on their entropy, Singapore would be one with the lowest entropy.

Image result for tolkien wind under your wings

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