Often at times when I read through my old blog posts, I wonder if I was the one who wrote it. It’s like some other person in some other domain came up with these wonderful words. Probably that’s how dark ages felt to Medici family. Humans would have felt, it seems that we know all this maths and algebra and architecture, but it’s just that we have forgotten it while evolution.

I still have those emails coming from my publisher, thought a lot less frequent now. Previously it was a lady named Ada, and now it seems she is gone and replaced by Hannah. Still, it feels like another era, another planet.

Life these days is most entrenched in writing, writing code, not these words, which are feral and wild. Strange it may sound, but one kind of writing feeds the heart, and while writing code, umm, feeds the wallet. Probably it all boils down to linguistics, it is the medium through which we express ourselves, be it the logical thinking part of the brain while writing codes or the calm, artistic part which probably is active right now.

I slept off earlier last night around 9pm, probably from swimming fatigue and making up for lost sleep. I woke up around midnight, only to realize that my fatigued legs have healed, and I dreamed how sleeping cleanses up the body or something. More on this later, till I finish up researching what happens when we sleep, physiologically and psychologically.

Among other things, I joined Toastmasters 1.5yrs back. Its fun and confidence boosting, to prepare speeches and deliver it in front of a willing audience. And those shiny velvety best speaker, best evaluator ribbons are sure fab. But probably instaGen would be happy if someone would come up with instaCertificates, there that’s the next big thing.

Awards and trophies, as instaCertificate – we make socially acceptable, smartphone supported. Get all the social validation and ego boost you want and crave for. Our product will help you get all the likes and comments you want, and be Kim or Ronaldo for a day.  I am resisting the hashtags, I think WordPress does not support them(yet?)


Until next time.



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