Of piccolo latte and OCD traveller …

He thought to himself, may be for today the espresso should be enough. Consequently he skipped the daily pilgrimage to local Singaporean coffee shop, which served kopi C. He was about to cross over starbucks , when thought of piccolo latte stopped him. He turned around, still unsure of what the said latte is referred to as in this part of world.

A week back in England, Bath to be exact, he had hard time explaining Starbucks barista , what is a piccolo latte. He was served some stupid double shot mixed with milk, and then only the senior barista realized its called Piccino. http://www.starbucks.co.uk/menu/beverage-list/espresso-beverages/piccino

Nonetheless he tried to, apparently interning barista , that he wanted this piccolo latte, and she was like latte , how many shots ? Which glass ?

He did not want to take chances on first morning coffee , and rushed out blabbering forget it.

– It’s better to go to my regular café , at least they know what a piccolo latte is ?

He doubted Howard Schultz original idea of bringing in the Italian coffee experience to the world through starbucks. He never liked starbucks coffee atleast the regular ones were like drinking loads of warm milk, enough for bathing Shiva in Shavaratri, and then a meagre hint of coffee. It was more of marketing and branding probably , or may be he was just another coffee snob.

– Hey good morning, I never got chance to ask you how was your holiday ?

–  Well I ended up being in Scotland for most part of fifteen days. I think Scotland is much better than England.

– Not bad. So the alone part of trip or the one with family

-That one is hard, I liked both one.

While he was planning vacations, he was dreading the family trip, having been away from home for years, and recently getting used to backpacking and qualifying for OCD traveller, who does not wants to miss anything. But it turned out to be quite well, the family vacation.

So … now its some payment application code waiting for him, and his faithful double shot coffee.



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