That atypical fleeting smile…

So it was dad’s 60th birthday , and after much thought and arbitration , I put prose > materialistic gifts.
So here it is…

Ode to father
He missed him ,and remembered all those begone days…
Him demonstrating Archimedes Principle,
His keeness, and little boy’s awe at his father
and Archimedes.
More for former.

Sleepy eyed morning walks
Air still dark.
A family walking briskly, across the desrted asphalt.
The cold morning breeze.
And little boy’s assumption,
“no harm could fall for dad’s here”

Son surreptiously browsed ,
through his medical encyclopedias.
Gaping at impossiblly long words.
That medical book rack had its own charm
against the stack of fictions and classics

Visting across religions with same zeal
Intricate embossings in Mosques
the quietitude of Church
and liveliness of temple
Religious tolerance imbued deep within
for those were lessons for mankind.

Now that little boy is all big
Going home in months
Developed portraits from facebook,
they have their own story.
The gadgets, the new age electronics et al
just to skype or hangout.

It must be tough
seeing your own saplings,getting mature and wiser
Only to see them migrate
and settle on greener pastures.

Rising and falling through life.
But the master must be proud.
Impeccable designs
and armed him with grace,wisdom
and knowledge to face this world.

Rise – he will
Shine – he will
Just to feel that fleeting smile
that’s atypical to a father !!


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  1. Esha

    just lovely…

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