Choose life !!

The time was running too fast. It has been already 3 weeks into 2013, and he was lackey, it was like he was still referring to a slow wristwatch. Only seeing at calendar made him realize ..Whoa !!

Although there were quite a few happenings, he thought of chalking out prospective blog posts
the great midweek hangover of Thursday, and how I got over it
Band of brothers
mylo-xyloto HD
Dr. house
weekend trip to HK/Macau

He took a deep gulp from his coffee mug, the coffee was dark and sinful. It was early in the day, and his mind was already asking him what-is-life questions? Why people marry, isn’t that a vicious circle, you are born, spent like quarter of century loitering around in social norms, then fall in love, get married , create offsprings…take care of them and then die peacefully (well the last part is pretty much probabilistic)

Suddenly Irvine Welsh makes sense, surprisingly without the drug culture portrayed in Trainspotting (fugging nice movie it was !! )
Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, an…

The song “my body is a cage” also gets relevant.
But the big question still persists, maybe this is what they say in self-help book, you will wake up one day on your bed, look around yourself and think “what the fuck am I doing with my life?”. No don’t get me wrong, that morning is still waiting. I think I read it first in a book a CEO friend gave me, I am missing the name…(check Goodreads) …see that’s what social media and internet age has done with us millennials. We have answers for almost anything, give us five minutes, and we can read through Web Pages and give tangible answers. But something that is amiss is….well…if I would have known it, then I would qualify for a millennial. May be spirituality … may be more tangible expression of religion, now being agnostic, it defeats me sometimes when people get overly attached to religion and start basing most of their actions on it. Or when they give me that-look , when I say something that agnostics/atheists say.
(coffee sure makes mouth dry, shouldn’t we have extra-hydrated-coffee)

Well the good thing is that Quora launched its blogging platform, so that saves me from hunting around for a perfect tech blogging platform.
Get my musings of my left brain here
If I am moody enough to start updating one more blog…another good news is being in India for 15 days, I can again take on pledge of updating 15 posts. Should be a good incentive ?
As one of my friend says, thats what happens when you move into corporate , (as if I was writing prolifically when I wasn’t in corporate )

Trainspotting - choose life


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