Tweets of a coffee ninja

I think I have been updating about how the caffeine is the new addiction for me.  (Caffeine addict )

These days I have been in coffee ninja training, and I have already accumulated a formidable collection in my quiver. I have now access to premium espressos, lungos and ristrettos. I have already started day dreaming about my life as a barista. Last year when I applied to starbucks, they rejected my application. (may be they didnt expected electrical engineer brewing coffee !), but now I can see some light on the distant horizon. Coffee Ninja !!

Other than having premium espressos I also have access to “kopi luwak”. Yeah it is one of the costliest coffee in world, sells at $60/cup or some 700 bucks a kg. But one has to taste it to get its flavor. Its splendid !

And since I just discovered how to embed tweets in wp…


7 thoughts on “Tweets of a coffee ninja

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  1. Mr electrical engineer we have love in common…for coffee;)….i believe being a doctor my application will have an edge at starbucks;)….i’d like to try lungos and kopi luwak someday but as i read and write this i am having an amazing cup of coffee which i just made….thanks for adding to my knowledge of coffee….keep writing and keep adding….lookin fwd:)

  2. Well doc, thats some strong common love 😉

    but how “dr” on ur CV wud have an edge? (unless u have panache of Dr. house or something…),
    or maybe u can simply start Rxing coffee to ur patients 🙂

  3. oh House….u watch house:) good….i love him… no panache here though…….about my application i just had a hope;),,,,but coz here strong love is at stake so may be i will let u win ;)……acha wat do u mean when u say u have access to premium espressos?

  4. haha….sadness is just another word for not enuf coffee…actually i was feeling this lil pang of jealousy lol….i thot what u meant was u have this coffee machine fitted in ur room now…haha…actually i always dream of my house and my room and u knw the frst thng that comes in my mind is my study table and the coffee machine just nxt to it….i imagine my house fitted with coffee machines all over…….coffee should always be just a thought away…..however i knw this might kill my love for it….i m always better in scarcity;)……i actually like tea also….oops i m doing so much tking on ur blog…haha..bye

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