Yes , a caffeine addict ! (PS: some korean cuisine)

Ok I am officially a caffeine addict now. And it is today that I realised how much my friends crave for that puff of cigarettes. It was 9 hours since I did not have caffeine in my bloodstream, and man was I crazy ? Yes. Was I inconsolable? yes. So finally after being turned down from koufu, I got my dose at Ya kun. God bless !!

The comics says it all,

And as I gulped dark dark coffee, inhaled the signature aroma, I think it was THE thing. And now sitting comfortably on couch, some symphony in background and doing wat I like most- writing. Funny that symphonies always remind me of tom and jerry.

<After some time>

I have been wondering why there isnt a single post on cuisine, me being a mildly epicurean. So here it is, since the dinner was korean, so here it is.

‘Kimchi bokkeumbap bob’ <veg fried rice with kimchi – a traditional fermented  korean dish made with vegetables>

So this was fried rice with kimchi and ikan bilis (which is fried fish ! Nay not for me)

And opposite to me Avinash took  fried chicken BBQ , <cud not help posting this awesome pic >


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