Richard Stallman is just my mundane name; you can call me ‘rms’


As usually happens, your hobby(? !!) takes a backseat and impending assignment demands all the bandwidth, and the poor blog-post waited  as in TDMA. Yet here it is, excerpts from Stallman talk, after a week shayad

So after a waiting a week or so, RMS (Richard Stallman) was here in NUS. It was a 2 hrs of gyaan on free software, and man he totally lives upto the vision of a cult leader.


Freedom 0 : To run the program for any purpose

Freedom 1 : to see/study  source code

Freedom 2 : Distribute the software

Freedom 3:  to make/distribute copies of ur modified version

4 freedom together give us democracy. Users control the program.

Ultimate goal of free software is liberation of cyberspace.

Back in 1983 it was not possible to implement this, as PC ran on OS which were very basic.  RMS went on to write OS- a free software OS . Then he started GNU, and with a team of like minded programmers and hackers, he had everything done, except the kernel. He even coaxed the folks at UC, Berkeley, to make their BSD system open source.  GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix!”. 

Mr. Torvalds in 1991 made linux kernel free. Combination of GNU system and linux kernel, gave birth to free OS.

But Torvalds does not approves of free software. He calls vision of Torvalds as pragmatic. He does not stands for free software, rather it is open source software.

GNU GPL is most publicly used free software license.


RMS went on to describe the difference, and in the process bashed almost every major existing software behemoths.

Proprietary program runs on power of owners, and then it uses to subjugate its users. Program control the users, developer controls the program. Its a dictatorship of developer.

“MS Windows is malware, even worse than that. The backdoor gives MS to remotely install anything. Windows is universal malware.”

“Macintosh is malware, the i-things are even more malicious. They are the tiniest digital handcuffs ever. Apple implements censorship, censorship is evil.”

“Flash player is malware, it has surveillance and digital handcuffs.”

“Sony PS3 is also designed with lot of malware.”

“Amazon kindle is malware. In 2009 Amazon deleted thousands of copies of Orwell’s 1984. Kindle means to start fire, Amazon wants to set fire to books. ”


Digital handcuffs are also known as DRM.

“Are you carrying a portable surveillance device? Its OK to switch it off, they have already tracked you.”

SaaS is also inherently evil, server has all the control over data. World keep throwing up new things that threaten our freedom.


Stop proprietary software in school

Use free software in school

Instill the habit of sharing of software and has a moral angle to that.

If i am father of open source, then it was done through artificial insemination, using Torvalds sperm without my knowledge


Photo courtesy : Mr. Abhiroop and Mr. Picasa


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