More than just engineers !!

That feeling when studying in a developed nation, in between of a case presentation you realize India still is a developing nation. “Marketing team can leverage sales by seeking markets in developing nations like India”. Being the only Indian in the class, I went into a momentous trance. Delving on the statement I questioned, so much time does it take a developing nation to be marked as developed. Hold on, while I wiki. Hmm its a long thing, wiki fails at times like this, when you want the exact info. Mr. Wales improve, improve.

One might also come with a question posing why this brain drain, but I think I covered this part in one of my blog. Talking of NUS, I see lot of research work going on , lot of patents and papers getting published, but yet Singapore is missing on the implementing the technology part. As Prof. Lutz said, “the good thing about MIT is that they come up with new technology and also with a way to use that technology”. Think. He also emphasized on the just the right time for a startup in Singapore, at the same time lamenting the lack of funds in USA. <which I have to substantiate>.

Other day in a previous semester, Prof. Rui was lamenting the lack of true innovators in engineering.

Shannon, Tesla and Nyquist were the true innovators and path breakers. Others are just riding on the wave they created.

And that is why we need people like them, people like Jobs who can disrupt and change. You guys have to become more than just electrical and electronics engineers”

How true !! More than just engineers, Insaah allah ! I see bulk of engineers floundering around in corporates and career fair, and I muse on this. May be a day will come when I will be stuck in some dark corner, or will be floundering around, but today definitely is not that day.


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