Day 23: Law IQ and house parties !!


This was marked with a house party at Parth Sarthi mansion, which I would call Playboy Mansion hereon. So Parth extended his hospitality and we got together, all old guys from graduate days. There were two gonna be MBAs from esteemed colleges of Delhi. A junior from engineering days, we lovingly call him Prosen after a particular Bengali actor. There was a lawyer from Amity law school, and he provided insight into the workings of law.

Now before I move on to serious stuff, Parth lives with a particular cook, Mr. Ramanand, who has been cooking for Sarthi’s for like four decades. And believe me he is master of kitchen. I had two full servings of delicious chicken. Since I was brought up as a Brahmin, non vegetarian was a strict no-no. Forget non-veg, even onion and garlic came under culinary blasphemy. But good thing about Mishra’s is they are not orthodox, so I have full freedom. You know the trust thing. Anyways ever since I started eating non vegetarian, I have now come to realize that home cooked chicken is the best. What restaurants serve cannot be compared with a home cooked chicken. It was utter delicious, and followed by bati-baigan ka chokha. One cant ask for more than this. Oh yes there was a regular whiskey, but now I am kind of getting bored with alcoholic beverages. Occasional drinking is the politically correct version.

It is kind of truth they say about low law IQ of us Indians, and the sad part being none of them are even interested in knowing the law. Now since we are the privileged class, and me doing PG along with others, other aspiring for MBA, few working in multinationals earning six figure income. The point that I am trying to extend is that since we educated guys are so unknown of the law system of India, you can not expect the others to be educated. It really is disappointing. Take this Anna Hazare’s lokpal bill, I didn’t knew that it has been implemented in Singapore way back in 70s.

I think a common man in India is happy with clichéd monotonous Bollywood movies, *ing any of the Khans, stupid reality shows serving toilet humor, and extravagant daily soaps. Make few lighted big malls, and lo you have thousands of footprints each day. But then I wonder what percentage of population is keen on doing something. You might say, dude, Fuck yeah, you been to some abroad college, and in twelve months you are passing judgments about your own country. Let us say being outside India opened my eyes, how things are different in different culture and countries. It was like when I roamed around India, out from UP, I learned the hospitality of Rajasthan, simplicity of Sikkim, life of Kolkata, what-was of Hyderabad? <it was some karmic debt kya? Kidding boss.>, utter efficiency of Chennai, and customs of Kerala. It has been a similar experience moving abroad, I wish I can mark every country here and then even this wish there were two or three more planets to roam; Yeah something like hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy.

Oh btw I finally tried joint. Yes nothing to worry , it was nothing I expected + 1-2 fags were not enough. So one more thing crossed. Bad ! I say it was.

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  1. The pleasure was all mine manu…!! btw a minor spelling mistake in the name…its Ramanand n Sarthi’s..There is no hospitality like understanding bro….!! C u soon in Singapore..!!

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