Day 19: Aamchi Mumbai !!

@Andheri W, Mumbai

Travelling in Mumbai from one point to point is nothing short of pilgrimage, the amount of invested time, number of foot-fall is simply staggering. Especially if you are travelling from local- which incidentally is the lifeline of Mumbai. I discovered there is a better way of going in local first class compartments, although 10 times the general ticket, I saved my spects. Yes my our first tete-a-tete, me and Mumbai local had some slight altercation, consequently it broke my spects and I lost my trust in it. Even, eh?

But even if you take on roads on flashy A6, you are bound to be bound by traffic, guess they were talking of making Mumbai Shanghai. Pheww. Now that Sreedharan has taken full-time retirement, god bless them !

Twist of events were such that I came back in vendor compartment, yes I believe there is certain adrenaline rush in fighting your way into the gushing local compartments, I think here the survival of the fittest is still kind of raw. You have to struggle, fight, stumble, fall, rise. That might be the raw appeal that attracts people from plethora of sources, coming towards a common destination – city of dreams. Mumbai.

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  1. Many times I used to think wishfully that Sreedharan makes Delhi metro as proto type project and Mumbai metro his real challenge

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