Day 18: Mood Indigo

@iit Powai, Mumbai

Ok ever since my undergraduate days I was pretty much impressed by the cultural fests of colleges. It was the time in engineering life when you everyone went beserk, there was mood-uplift in whole campus, a certain romantic air flew across when couple got unobstrusive 3-4 days for dating. So an engineering campus was converted to arts campus, logical minds tired of using their left hemisphere, came out with a vengeance. One motto- unleash the nerve centres of right hemisphere. So it was the juxtaposition.The little hamlet of Rangpo, yeah Majitar was a village in Sikkim, albeit a lush green Himalyan adobe beside river Teesta. Do not confuse it with the images of villages of plains of north India, you will be disappointed. It was avant garde, nature going full monty, and result was a mini-heaven. Indeed it was nothing short of heaven, I used to think if there exist heaven upstairs, they would have made it between hills and mountains, green fauna and blue of river. They never say/hint/show/suggest that heaven is near any ocean, but it is located in higher altitudes among the clouds. Ocean does not has demi-God characteristics rather it is more of a mirror-mirror of humans. Ever since Prometheus gave them fire and hope. What better allegory(?) than sea/ocean.

Well like all cancerian I tend to deviate from topic, yeah there is still little bit of astrology left in some part of brain. Was it subconscious or superconscious ? Well, blast it.

So there was this supposedly baap of technical fests, mood indigo with 2 Cr INR of budget, which is bloody massive for a fest. It somehow stumbled in my google calendar during Mumbai trip. I omitted the progressive rock band, Karnivool. Karnivool, who? Oh k they are some progressive indie rock band from Australia. No sorry man, I am not taking them up. I jumped to day 2, and was amidst Agni <is it Agnee?>. Now yeah I think agnee are kinda famous in Indian rock scene. I should really make some progress to get their songs and listen them. Kamla told they sang, ‘naav’ from Udaan. Commendable, actually that was what that caught my attention.

Raghu Dixit project made a grand entry @ 2030, and yes they had groovy songs, they set the mood. But then they came back to their roots and it snapped my attention. Kannada, no man, although I survived and lived with telegu, tamil, Bengali and bit of Malayalam. But Kannada hasn’t fallen on my ears. Nope nope nope.

Better luck next time Raghu, if we meet.

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