Day 17: Vanilla + scotch

@Vashi, Mumbai
I thought of writing something two pegs down, nay it does not comes out wonderfully as you think it will. Nonetheless I will publish it, just for kicks. But I swear its bad. Something similar when I tried writing after dose of bhang, it was totally incoherent, no grammar nothing.

And I got scrabble as a gift J, now sad that there is no one to play, lemme get some GRE guys and then I can unravel the language and literature inside of me. In NUS playing at night fro continuously for 2-3 hours with ViVj was simply awesome. But it was tiring on mind, you get regurgle and search and search for words. But its damn fun.

Now guys and gals out there is this combination. Not bad.

One of the good things about Mumbai is you can move around with these flavors. Yeah but I don’t like the populated streets and unfathomable crossing-the-roads-of-mumbai.

And with this vanilla+ chocolate+ fine grain whiskey, followed by vanilla+mango+fine grain whiskey, with 3idiots playing on cable what else you can ask from life?

So what is that drink in Kareena’s hand, anyone?

Gay ho? This is one of the best lines man, I swear

Yaar tum kiski taraf se aaye ho? Ladke ya ladki ki taraf se

Science ki taraf ROFL


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