Day 16: Art of buying novels

Now problem with not writing dynamic blogs is you tend to forget what went that day. No there was nothing eventful, call it a normal weekend day where you just chill out, have a happy time with family, go shopping to mall, get groceries. Cook chicken. Eat, sleep,eat,idiot boxing.

Yeah checking out bookstore for new books, I think back in Singapore, they don’t have as diverse taste as Indians. Singaporeans contend themselves with fiction, yeah all that stupid John Grisham types or else they delve in travel books, being a tiny city-converted-country. But come crossword, and you will be welcomed by paraphernalia of genre, but still I think the bestsellers rack is no good. Do they have someone dictating which novels to put on racks, probably. I can do a better job at that. Still there were few as in Nirad C chaudhari, Norwegian woods which caught my attention.

While buying book, you must have 3-4 titles in mind, or atleast authors. So you go to the relevant rack and prepare to be surprised, coz there is a great possibility that you will stumble upon gonna-be-fav-author. And it also aggravates your ego seeing finished novels on the bookrack. Already finished lah, yeah that’s Singlish <will muse on it in a separate post, aaraam se>. So now that I have finished Atlas S., logically I move onto Fountainhead. Someone oblige me. Rishi.

Now days I see lot of Asians making it big in literary world, Kazuo Ishiguro, Shushanku Endo and Haruki Murakami. Contrary to there counterparts, they are master of language and write with a cetain flow and charm, the subtle themes, the play with emotions. I am fan. Mr. Murakami I am coming for Norwegian Woods, you hold on.

Indian writers you please wait, only I have to read Bhagat’s new novel, no do not misjudge me, I hate his writings, he is meant for a mass audience, not for class audience. But this one is based in Varanasi, can not miss that lah ! Then there is this new novel of Aravind Adiga, man when he came with a new one? I don’t see anything new to read from Indian authors, you see the usual Seths and Mistrys on bookshelf. Oh yes I have this tale of Nagas to finish, will do from Mumbai to Delhi travel mein.

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