day 10 : Of anna and medical R&D

So Anna has started off another of his ‘aandolan’, I missed the major one in august. Now two things I really missed being outside India, one was missing India winning cricket world cup and then the public opinion around Anna Hazare indefinite fast for lokpal bill.

Ok now since it has been an hour since I wrote this, and I was having a discussion with dad about R&D in medical field. I wonder since in engineering, although iit have developed a niche in the world yet they lag behind in rankings and especially R&D in engineering is not world class in India. Lemme do the research in this field too, blame it upon my DSL connection where I reached my 1GB download limit last night L

They say that in Kashi time doesn’t moves. Indeed when you hear vengaboys ‘brazil’ still being played by dj,


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