day 8: 1st war of independence and sans A.O. Hume ?

So day 8 was @ Sikanderpur, old village near balia. So while waiting at session court, I read 61 things done by Mayawati government, why they do not put things that government did not accomplished. That will really put things in perspective. I am still amazed how she came up with idea of dividing UP in four parts, but I think it will be good, atleast Varanasi will become capital and will see some progress. Still imagine the amount of expenditure and debt it will incur on Uttar Pradesh. Lets see.

Meanwhile in village I saw making of india ’gud ’, first time after I read it in class VII or class VIII. Pretty cool it was.

<and now I dread how my friends will charade me, son-ov-a-, saala returns after one year and is blogging about making of gud. Saala.>

Now there is another freedom fighter from Ballia, ChittuPandey. He led first war of freedom in 1847, had India won that war things would very different. Gandhis would have ruled India for four decades, coz A.O. Hume would never have found Congress. Oh boy, these what ifs are really intriguing.

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