day 7: Traffic rules and british raj.

One of the sad thing about UP is its traffic rules, public simply lacks basic traffic sense and it all ends up as chaos on the roads.Its like Brownian moment of vehicles. That is why I dread driving car in Benaras, “saala kaun kahan se aa jaaye kuch hawaa bhi nahi lagta hai”.

Atleast in other states they have traffic lights, but Varanasi has real long way to go before it evolves with its traffic system.

And how people dread rules here, I casually asked my bank manager to revisit Singapore, and he said “Singapore laws are too much to adhere to, I feel suffocated out there. It is freedom out here in India.” Indeed it is, yet I one must adhere with laws for basic progree. The fear of fine/punishment prevents one from breaking laws. You put fine on illegal parking, start off with full fledgedtraffic lights and zebra crossings and effective roads. You put excellent public infrastructure, maintain rules and laws, I think public will definitely go with it. But God forbid the netas and contractors who build these roads and buildings.

I think the trouble ends at the political system, the ministers who ultimately are responsible for the laws of the country. I talked with my grandparents and they told their parents will kinda happy with british-raj , in early 1900s. Everyone and everything was accounted for, there was a sense of responsibility among workers.

My great-granddad owned a juite mill at Naihatti, West Bengal and he had Englishmen coming up at his doors and happily drinking milk and milk products. But yeah then ofcourse condition detoriated and we had independent India in 1947

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