day 5: unfinished novels…

Driving a car on a hilly road is definitely a tough job, especially when its raining cats and dogs. At least the dream I had made this driving tough, when the car went downhill on its own, and I jumped into the window to salvage it. A la Hollywood stunt.Anyways I retrieved the car and was able to drive back to my starting spot. Cool, isn’t it?

And now I think the time is ripe that I move onto my technical stuffs,  and start writing them. It seems maintaining a technical blog is not as difficult as maintaining a personal one. Or even there is a story to finish, where the protagonist was a pyromaniac. Then I got to finish the last chapter of Atlas shrugged, and then may be I will jot down gist of ‘remains of the day’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’. I think once I start travelling pan-India, I will have lot more to think and write about.

This is your 69th post. Groovy !!Atleast my wordpress is happy that am blogging, second to me

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