day 4: immature writings ?

“Do you realize if you just let your feelings out, you might even play better?
His feelings are richer.
He is not afraid to suffer in front of anybody.
He doesn’t holds things in check.”

Now these lines really got me thinking, one of my fan once said, your writing is fine, but its not mature, its very immature. And now that really got me thinking, am I really that immature.
Why didn’t someone came up with a decent explanation to that. How do you mature in your writing?
And since apparently I am the one asking this, am I really immature. Lets get to this logically, I need to read a mature writer. Hmmm. So is tropic of cancer comes in mature writing, or was it too mature that it was banned in its own time. And even if I read some mature writer, they were mature in their own times. It definitely will not apply to me, a sort of anachronism exists.
So the book I am reading, Remains of the day, although written in 1989 the book covers the time around 30-40s, where the butler Stevens goes on a vacation ride across the country. Ever since Atul D told me there is a Hollywood movie on the same, with Anthony Hopkins starring as Stevens, I just cannot wait to finish off the reading.

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