day 2 : random Musings

Ok I am over the initial exuberance of home sweet home, so what is next. Choosing topic for the blog post is tough. Lemme think what I can add
1. Start cribbing about the infrastructure problems of India, or Varanasi, but lets save it for later posts
2. Then may be gist of discussion of future plans wid dad
3. The excitement of professional meetups with managers of banks. nope
4. “your song list have no symphony, only noise”, mom after listening DCFC “I will possess your heart”. Lemme download Mozart discography. Back from college yes I can download torrents once again.
5. Call my friends whom I am supposed to call, am I being too lazy. You see the temporary prepaid connection has low balance, and you can curse and talk wid friends over a landline phone. Can someone go to corner shop and get my phone recharged.
6. Oh the mighty mosquitoes, “I will strike upon thee with vengeance”. Bloody as I write this three of them are hovering around me to taste my blood. Go ahead mofos, I will kill thee all.
7. There is ongoing cricket series, going on between WI and India, and as usual I cannot recognize 70% of the team. Ever since I shunned cricket back in 2000 I just cannot get the hung of this game, barring of course the god SRR and the wall. Let Sachin get his hundredth hundred, and I will blog/tweet like a cricinfo writer. Blame it on lack of cricket,maybe I started reading more back in school days. Even in school games period we got, we were happy with football, it is the game of boys. And yet you don’t have a favorite team, how is that bro ?ManU, oh really don’t kid me manu. Ok yes I don’t have, am not that diehard fan. Dismissed
8. May be if I can play squash here, I really miss losing 750Kcal/hour. Dude lemme get back and I will play like mad. Whammm !!that’s smash for ya.
Super-ego : Till when do you plan to scribble like this on your blog? Sheer nonsense
Id : Bloody it’s my blog, didn’t you read the title, its f-ing mine
Super-ego: Stop fooling yourself, just which some website gave that you write like James Joyce, you don’t write like him. Oh stop writing like him, tell me one novel you have finished.
Ego :At least he is writing naa, stop castigating him like he is teenager.
Id: Oh I read Dubliners, and then started portrait of young man as an artist
SE: which you never finished, two chapters do not count.
Id: I am going to start ulysseys, first thing in morning, Epic faceplam for ya, u idealistic white beard!!
SE: Amen
Ego: Amen, he will read it. Wont ya?
Id: Yo \m/
But lemme finish that Atlas shrugged and remains of the day.
SE : ha ha. Epic procrastinator.
Id 
Ego: You see there are few books that are meant to be half-read, like war and peace, illiad etc. They just cannot be finished man,
Id: until and unless you get a reading partner, opposite sex, one who is ready to discuss prince Bolonski and war in Russia with you, and may be she promises a pole dance if you finish the novel. Wow wo.
Ego: like “yehmeradeewanapanwala”, by Sunny leone.
Se: That’s some real fantasy, a pole dance on finishing war and peace. Dream on bitch. Tolstoy just had a bad nightmare in his grave. He is blabbering something in Russian. Sleep man sleep, ignore the ignorant.
Ego: If only I can make a movie in Russia, something like that midnight in Paris. I will get Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Saki everyone under one roof And ya then that guy, doctor Zhivago one, nay he was too contemporary.
Super-ego : Man I miss my mama yaar, I would have discussed all of this with him. May he rest in peace
Ego: So where was I, but then how do I get James Joyce
Se: Joyce not again dude, get over it man
Ego: ya Joyce and then Dickens
Se: NO way…you haven’t ever done serious reading of Dickens stop this show off
Ego: And O henry and RL Stevenson, that will be really ultimate.
ID: fuck this mosquito, I bet all these great writers would have been greatly troubled by this creature. Son-ov-a, imagine Joyce writing Dubliners…
Se: Joyce…not again…
Id: so Joyce is writing Dubliners and is deeply engrossed on the guy looking out if window, and lo there come this mosquito and all he thinks is if only I can get this creature annihilated. Damn it.
Sun in the earth,Bird in the air.
Eye within eye take break

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