Day 1: @Kashi

Har har mahadev !!
So yes I finally arrived in the city of benaras…which much glee, happiness and excitement…this style is monotonous…lets try something…

Its India after 342 days, 🙂 Jai ho !! #that-overwhelming-feeling

So what all I missed.

The moment when “yeh jo desh hai tera” plays automatically in heart and mind. (Ok this is becoming too melodramatic…dude did this really happened? )

So I was in this dream where I was moving with some Armstrong (Neil…?) and he showed me Tripoli from high space. May be it was an allusion to seeing India from this commercial jet plane.
(Neil Armstrong…wo…wo…slow clap…lol)

That feeling when you see your fav tees being used as mop-cloth 😦

That feeling when you r asleep 14 hrs in last 64hrs…yawn :O
do humans really yawn when writing/reading yawn…yes…yawn…no
p(yawn)=2/3…impressive !!


One thought on “Day 1: @Kashi

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  1. fcuk manu….aukaad mein raho…wapas jaate samay agar ek din ka gap nahi rakhe toh as already informed international flight chutega toh bahut dard hoga..!!!

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