#0 :Thoughts @22,000 feets @882kmph

It is strange yet satisfying that you eluded night-outs for exams but rather did one to catch a morning flight.

That precisely defines the calm that precedes the end of semesters exams, you are all pepped up to do these things, out of bounds of hassles and moods of exam.
Exams are like channel response system with input and output, input is way varying, can be your prep, sem class, to-mug-up-sheets, and output is may be result, but I would say its more of happy feeling that inadvertently sinks in when you wait for that last 2 mins of your last exam to get out of exam hall. This semester was a trying one, with super exciting subjects, but than the interesting and exciting subjects are usually the ones which will be darn difficult to mug.
So yes I was again @ Changi airport, its amazing and simply breathtaking, and makes any comparison with KL airport a juxtaposition. And my humble friend Rajesh, a flight freak, as he messaged “ the weather over bay of Bengal today is perfect for flying”.I empathize with him, his anxiety of flying over 22,000 feets @ 350 kmph…there were interesting points in air-asia magazine to comfort distressed souls. I should have really got you one.
The good thing about KL is you feel more independence and air is more vibrant here than Singapore, which yes sometimes feels monotonic. Its more like apna India 🙂 and does not looks like videsh Yeah you got to catch the hidden sarcasm in previous sentence. You can smoke in public places, you got better chicks and less aircon.

I will save the readers from the complexities of academic life/travelogue, and will come to title of this blog, now I have like five weeks of staraight holidays after one year, where I will be travelling length and breadth across India, So blogger (as Atul wud say) takes up this opportunity to write 30 blogs/30 days… let it be attempt to work on my rusted writing skills, and to shake off the electronics and communication stuffs.
So it will be plain scribble/musings, a quintessential narcissistic one.
Lets do it !!
Hoo Haa

-11:15@Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KL


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